Life in the Land


The magic of the Sawyer family’s extremely green thumbs comes straight from the land. But Bobby Sawyer’s expected superpowers don’t become a reality until he kisses his best friend, Mike Flint. That kiss moves the earth—literally.

When Bobby moves to the city, leaving Mike behind, Bobby keeps his green thumb nimble by working in a garden center and uses his superpowers to help fight crime. He’s on a mission when a bomb explodes, leaving him seriously injured, forcing him to return to the family farm—the source of his strength—to recuperate.

While attempting to recover, Bobby realizes Mike is still the love of his life. But Mike is leery: Bobby left him once before. What if all Bobby needs is one more magical kiss?

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What readers are saying: Susan at Top2Bottom Reviews

This was an absolutely wonderful and creative story, quite unlike any I’ve read before. The sheer imagination here made me laugh and gasp. Saving people with agricultural superhero powers, and obscene, foul-mouthed carrots. Brilliant stuff!

Bobby’s whole family lineage is about their connection with the land. The gifts are individual. Bobby doesn’t have his until he shares a kiss with his best friend, Mike. Wanting to stand on his own two feet, however, Bobby leaves Mike behind to make a new life, working in a garden center. But when a superhero task goes horribly wrong, leaving Bobby injured and powerless, he has to go back home to the farm—where Mike still remains. But this time Mike doesn’t trust Bobby’s motives for wanting to get back together.

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