Idolatry (Reagalos Book 2)

Upon taking the throne as High Lord of Katraman and Liege of Scura, Lornyc Reagalos’s focus on rebuilding one city and reassuring another leaves little time for his husband, Methian. Added to that, he must contend with is the unexpected revelation that his grandfather, Romanus, set up his own religion and named an enigmatic figure called The One as its deity. Through some twisted interpretation of the signs left by Romanus, the Cerulean Cult comes to believe Lornyc is their god and invites him to sanctify the Cult as part of its five-hundred-year anniversary. During the Sanctification Ceremony, the Cult’s holy relic, an orb given to it by Romanus, is split, releasing an entity that tears a hole in the dimensions. The species that guards the dimensions, the Valen, force Lornyc to fix the breach, or they will have him extinguished

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What readers are saying:
Rainbow Awards:

Very creative. I was able to immerse myself into the fictional time and place without difficulty. Author was able to make it relatable, but unique at the same time.
I enjoyed both the primary and secondary characters. I probably would have understood them more had I read the first book. So a bit more backstory would have been helpful.
Good use of imagery. Language appropriate to setting and characters. Good balance of showing and telling.