Rainbow Snippets 14th October: Captain Merric

Busy times at Chez Cohen with visitors, edits and the day job, but I have managed to get some time to put together a quick snippet. This is once again from the Pirate WIP Captain Merric – probably the last one from this story for a while as it’s very nearly finished (only one scene to write!).

Here Daniel has returned to England and is trying to find a way back to the Caribbean and Edward, but his father is keen to marry him off to the daughter of Viscount Roth.


Daniel was cornered, and with no way out, he had to face his fate. At least when facing a Frenchman he only wanted to kill him not shackle him for life. Viscount Roth was a man who considered himself to have the misfortune of a long-lived father blocking the way to his earldom. Daniel had met him twice before, and today Roth’s demeanour was no less mellowed: a stiff man in his late forties, he looked like he had perpetual indigestion. Stood behind him was a young woman who was the very definition of demure.


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9 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets 14th October: Captain Merric”

  1. And why would a viscount want his daughter married to the son of a mere baron who doesn’t inherit the title? πŸ˜‰

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