Rainbow Snippets 23rd Sept 2017 – Captain Merric

It’s a glorious Saturday here in Basel, and now I’m emerging from edits of a different story, I thought I’d share another snippet of my pirate WIP Captain Merric.

Daniel has returned to England, with a promise to come back, and Edward is trying his best to behave himself…


“Has someone really tamed the untameable Captain Merric?” Jean-Pierre looked more amused than annoyed. “I would not have believed it possible.”

“Even the strangest things can happen at sea. I have made my pledge, and my word means a great deal to me.”

“That I don’t doubt.” Jean-Pierre’s eyes danced with mirth. “But your pleasure as always meant more.”

God Lord, Jean-Pierre could tempt a saint. It didn’t help that Edward knew exactly how talented he was in bed, or how through half-lidded eyes he could pass for Daniel, as long as he kept his mouth shut as there was no mistaking his French accent for a British one. “Let us simply say, my pleasure and my word are extrinsically linked.”


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