Rainbow Snippets 26th Aug 2017 – Captain Merric

So it is has been a while since I’ve taken part in Rainbow Snippets. Many factors contributed to my absence, including generally trying to sort out my writing life and setting up this blog. But now I’m back.

I received the rights back to a short story and I have decided to expand it, and use it as my first adventure into self-publishing. So here’s my snippet from the rapidly expanding ‘Captain Merric’ – a tale of roguish pirates, annoyed naval offices and long lost love on the high seas.


Daniel struggled to his knees, looking up to get a view of the pirate. For a moment he thought the sun must have affected him more than he had realised, but the figure that stood before him was no illusion. The face was older but unmistakably that of the man whom he’d thought had died over fifteen years ago. A man he’d grieved for, a man he had once loved. Edward Merriston was alive and well, playing pirates in the Caribbean. His frame had always been tall and broad, but the years at sea had made him stronger, and the sun had bleached his hair so it was much blonder than Daniel remembered, making his blue eyes even more striking.

“You’re meant to be dead,” were all the words he could manage.

Daniel saw Edward’s eyes widen as he recognised his prisoner.

“You’re not the first one to have said that, and certainly won’t be the last to wish it.”


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16 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets 26th Aug 2017 – Captain Merric”

  1. Thank you! I’m having so much fun returning to this pair… I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the story and now they’re going to get their deluxe version

  2. Oh I like that (was this from DSP’s pirate anthology? It feels like I’ve seen them before).

  3. Yes, this was originally a short in DSP’s Crossed Bones Antho. I had initial thoughts to repub as the short with just a tidy up but I enjoyed the story and thought these two deserved more than the 12k word limitation I had for the antho… still not sure what the end length will be 😉 This will also be my first adventure in self-publishing , so exciting for me 🙂

  4. Thanks! I forget how much I love a good romping pirate story, so much fun to write… arrrh Jim Lad

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