Rainbow Snippets 9th Sept 2017 – Captain Merric

It’s that time again, Rainbow Snippets!

I’ve had a few plot twists of my own to deal with the last week, but thought I’d share another bit of my current WIP, Captain Merric. If nothing else, writing swashbuckling pirates has cheered my spirits.

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Edward a.k.a. Captain Merric is trying to offer an olive branch to Daniel while his aboard the Opal:

“I thought you might like a shave. You could never bear to have beard when you were younger, I doubt that has changed.” He set down his shaving articles on the small table, pouring out some of the water into a bowl.

Daniel didn’t move. “What do you want?”

Suspicious bastard. “Can I not do something nice for you without a motive?”


Edward pulled out a chair. “Come on. I know your beginnings of a beard will be driving you mad. Let me help.”

“You could help by giving me a looking glass, and I could do it myself.”

Edward patted down his person and grinned. “It seems I forgot to bring one.”



16 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets 9th Sept 2017 – Captain Merric”

  1. LOL! Oh, man. My spouse says he shudders at shaving scenes in anything. Too many things can go wrong, on purpose or not!

  2. MY hubby used to enjoy being shaved at a barber…. especially the flaming methanol on metal balls used to burn of the excess ear hair LOL

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