Rainbow Snippets 9th December – Earls of Crofton: James

The last few weeks have not been my best, but I’m just about up and running and writing again.

I’d like to share a snippet from Earls of Crofton: James – set in 1670, this will be the 2nd of the Earls of Crofton series. Also know as the one with the highwayman 🙂

This snippet comes from the opening scene where James and his cousin are accosted on their way back to London:


The sight that greeted him was one to behold, and one he would savour in the privacy of his bedchamber for many nights to come. Despite his fears, James recognised beauty when he saw it. He had no care whether the of subject of his gaze was male or female, distracted equally by a smooth décolletage as by a pair of firm thighs. And the exquisite pair of thighs that gripped the saddle were a cause for celebration.

The flintlock pistol less so.

Dressed in black from head to foot, in fashions most definitely current and expensive, James could understand how this man had caused the hearts of his fellow nobles to flutter.


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