Rainbow Snippets 6th Jan – Not All Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks

The 12th Jan is release day for my Swiss-based novella ‘Not All Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks’, so it seemed fitting to share a snippet from it.

Here Steffen is talking to his cousin Amelia about Mark:

“Since when do you see someone”—she made the annoying pointy fingers—“without it being serious? I know you fuck about, Steffen, but repeat performances are different.”

She was right, of course. Spending time with Mark was the highlight of his week, and that was a dangerous game. But that didn’t mean he was going to admit it. “He is a nice guy, lovely actually, but we have a shelf life. He is only here for a short while, so there is no point in looking any deeper.”

She clicked her tongue. “Canned meat has a shelf life, not relationships. Where’s this lovely man from?”

“The UK—Mark is here for work.”


Not All Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks is now available for PRE-ORDER: ebook Dreamspinner Press and Amazon



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Rainbow Snippets 9th December – Earls of Crofton: James

The last few weeks have not been my best, but I’m just about up and running and writing again.

I’d like to share a snippet from Earls of Crofton: James – set in 1670, this will be the 2nd of the Earls of Crofton series. Also know as the one with the highwayman 🙂

This snippet comes from the opening scene where James and his cousin are accosted on their way back to London:


The sight that greeted him was one to behold, and one he would savour in the privacy of his bedchamber for many nights to come. Despite his fears, James recognised beauty when he saw it. He had no care whether the of subject of his gaze was male or female, distracted equally by a smooth décolletage as by a pair of firm thighs. And the exquisite pair of thighs that gripped the saddle were a cause for celebration.

The flintlock pistol less so.

Dressed in black from head to foot, in fashions most definitely current and expensive, James could understand how this man had caused the hearts of his fellow nobles to flutter.


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Rainbow Snippets 14th October: Captain Merric

Busy times at Chez Cohen with visitors, edits and the day job, but I have managed to get some time to put together a quick snippet. This is once again from the Pirate WIP Captain Merric – probably the last one from this story for a while as it’s very nearly finished (only one scene to write!).

Here Daniel has returned to England and is trying to find a way back to the Caribbean and Edward, but his father is keen to marry him off to the daughter of Viscount Roth.


Daniel was cornered, and with no way out, he had to face his fate. At least when facing a Frenchman he only wanted to kill him not shackle him for life. Viscount Roth was a man who considered himself to have the misfortune of a long-lived father blocking the way to his earldom. Daniel had met him twice before, and today Roth’s demeanour was no less mellowed: a stiff man in his late forties, he looked like he had perpetual indigestion. Stood behind him was a young woman who was the very definition of demure.


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Rainbow Snippets 30th Sept 2017 – Captain Merric

How the time flies! I’m running to keep up but here’s another snippet from my Pirate WIP, Captain Merric.

Daniel is back in Port Royal and needs to get a message to Edward – his contact is none other than Jean-Pierre… who you make remember from the last snippet 😉


“Whatever Edward’s passion, it is none of your concern.”

“Ah, feisty, now it becomes clear.” Jean-Pierre leaned over the table. “He was always such a passionate man, he could make my blood boil with just a look.”

Daniel glowered. “I hope you relish the memories, because there will be no chance for future opportunity. Now if you don’t want me to punch you in your perfect nose, you’ll calm your ardour and agree to deliver my message.”

Jean-Pierre threw himself back in his chair and laughed. “Your great love affair is in no threat from me. Edward is smitten and no one man or woman could tempt him. Come, tell me your message and I will ensure he receives it with urgency.”



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Rainbow Snippets 23rd Sept 2017 – Captain Merric

It’s a glorious Saturday here in Basel, and now I’m emerging from edits of a different story, I thought I’d share another snippet of my pirate WIP Captain Merric.

Daniel has returned to England, with a promise to come back, and Edward is trying his best to behave himself…


“Has someone really tamed the untameable Captain Merric?” Jean-Pierre looked more amused than annoyed. “I would not have believed it possible.”

“Even the strangest things can happen at sea. I have made my pledge, and my word means a great deal to me.”

“That I don’t doubt.” Jean-Pierre’s eyes danced with mirth. “But your pleasure as always meant more.”

God Lord, Jean-Pierre could tempt a saint. It didn’t help that Edward knew exactly how talented he was in bed, or how through half-lidded eyes he could pass for Daniel, as long as he kept his mouth shut as there was no mistaking his French accent for a British one. “Let us simply say, my pleasure and my word are extrinsically linked.”


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Rainbow Snippets 9th Sept 2017 – Captain Merric

It’s that time again, Rainbow Snippets!

I’ve had a few plot twists of my own to deal with the last week, but thought I’d share another bit of my current WIP, Captain Merric. If nothing else, writing swashbuckling pirates has cheered my spirits.

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Edward a.k.a. Captain Merric is trying to offer an olive branch to Daniel while his aboard the Opal:

“I thought you might like a shave. You could never bear to have beard when you were younger, I doubt that has changed.” He set down his shaving articles on the small table, pouring out some of the water into a bowl.

Daniel didn’t move. “What do you want?”

Suspicious bastard. “Can I not do something nice for you without a motive?”


Edward pulled out a chair. “Come on. I know your beginnings of a beard will be driving you mad. Let me help.”

“You could help by giving me a looking glass, and I could do it myself.”

Edward patted down his person and grinned. “It seems I forgot to bring one.”



Rainbow Snippets 26th Aug 2017 – Captain Merric

So it is has been a while since I’ve taken part in Rainbow Snippets. Many factors contributed to my absence, including generally trying to sort out my writing life and setting up this blog. But now I’m back.

I received the rights back to a short story and I have decided to expand it, and use it as my first adventure into self-publishing. So here’s my snippet from the rapidly expanding ‘Captain Merric’ – a tale of roguish pirates, annoyed naval offices and long lost love on the high seas.


Daniel struggled to his knees, looking up to get a view of the pirate. For a moment he thought the sun must have affected him more than he had realised, but the figure that stood before him was no illusion. The face was older but unmistakably that of the man whom he’d thought had died over fifteen years ago. A man he’d grieved for, a man he had once loved. Edward Merriston was alive and well, playing pirates in the Caribbean. His frame had always been tall and broad, but the years at sea had made him stronger, and the sun had bleached his hair so it was much blonder than Daniel remembered, making his blue eyes even more striking.

“You’re meant to be dead,” were all the words he could manage.

Daniel saw Edward’s eyes widen as he recognised his prisoner.

“You’re not the first one to have said that, and certainly won’t be the last to wish it.”


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