Works In Progress

The Earls of Crofton

Four historical novels each set in a different era. Follow the fortunes of the Redbourn family (from the Crofton Chronicles).

Anthony:  The 1st Earl – Early Stuart period. The shrewd politician – amongst other things (Status: complete)

James: The 4th Earl – Restoration. As merry as the monarch, and needs to stop lusting after highwaymen (Status: currently writing)

Charles: The 8th Earl – Regency. The hellcat (Status: currently plotting)

Henry: The 10th Earl – Victorian. Scientist and philanthropist (Status: currently plotting)

Novels – m/m historical


Captain Merric

Originally a short story, this swashbuckling tale of pirates is being extended.

British Naval captain Daniel Horton is cast adrift by his crew. He is rescued by the infamous pirate Captain Merric. Only Captain Merric is a man Daniel thought had died 15 years before.

A tale of long lost love on the high seas.

Novella – m/m historical age of sail/pirates!

Status: Writing

 Conventionally Speaking

An angel goes to a continuing professional development conference…

Novel – Paranormal rom com

Status: writing

College Days (Reagalos prequel)

How Lornyc and Methian got together (aka How Rebecca is trying to beat her writer’s block!)

Novel – m/m romance/fantasy

Status: Writing

Avarice – Book 3 of Reagalos

Novel – m/m romance/high fantasy

Status: Plotting

On Her Majesty’s Alien Service *working title*

Novel – m/m romance/sci-Fi

Devlin Charter works for Her Majesty’s Government in alien relations, but didn’t imagine he’d have his own alien relationship

Status: writing

Untitled Steampunk novel

Novel – m/m romance/Steampunk

Tobias needs a new job. Edmund needs someone to help him with his dastardly schemes. A match made in engineering heaven

Status: plotting


As R Cohen

Novel – crime/thriller novel set on future Earth (with minor M/F. M/M subplots)

Status: Editing