Works In Progress

The Earls of Crofton

Four historical novels each set in a different era. Follow the fortunes of the Redbourn family (from the Crofton Chronicles).

Anthony:  The 1st Earl – Early Stuart period. The shrewd politician – amongst other things (Status: complete)

James: The 4th Earl – Restoration. As merry as the monarch, and needs to stop lusting after highwaymen (Status: currently writing)

Charles: The 8th Earl – Regency. The hellcat (Status: currently plotting)

Henry: The 10th Earl – Victorian. Scientist and philanthropist (Status: currently plotting)

Novels – m/m historical



 Conventionally Speaking

An angel goes to a continuing professional development conference…

Novel – Paranormal rom com

Status: writing

College Days (Reagalos prequel)

How Lornyc and Methian got together (aka How Rebecca is trying to beat her writer’s block!)

Novel – m/m romance/fantasy

Status: Writing

Avarice – Book 3 of Reagalos

Novel – m/m romance/high fantasy

Status: Plotting

On Her Majesty’s Alien Service *working title*

Novel – m/m romance/sci-Fi

Devlin Charter works for Her Majesty’s Government in alien relations, but didn’t imagine he’d have his own alien relationship

Status: writing

Untitled Steampunk novel

Novel – m/m romance/Steampunk

Tobias needs a new job. Edmund needs someone to help him with his dastardly schemes. A match made in engineering heaven

Status: plotting


As R Cohen

Novel – crime/thriller novel set on future Earth (with minor M/F. M/M subplots)

Status: Editing